Interesting buys in Tahiti include exquisitely carved Marquesan bowls, drums, ukuleles and tiki, dancing costumes, basketry and woven hats, Polynesian fashions - from bikinis to ballgowns - in attractive hand-blocked materials from local factories. 

The pareu, considered as Tahitis national garment, can be bought at most of the stores along the waterfront, at sidewalk stands, in artisan centers around the island, hotel boutiques, and from the colourful kiosks set up permanently upstairs at the new municipal market in Papeete.

market in Papeete

A trip to Tahiti isnt complete without exploring the Market of Papeete. Right in the centre of town, you can find anything from fresh produce and seafood to tropical flowers and souveniers, like hand carved tikis or Jewellery and clothes! Always a buzz with activity, music and friendly locals

Shell jewellery and mother-of-pearl creations are popular, and the most elegant purchase is a South Seas black pearl, beautifully set in 18-karat gold designs. 

French perfumes are sold at prices lower than Paris or New York, plus there are French fashions, crystal ware and French pates and cheeses. Gifts of Tahitian perfumes made with coconut oil and flowers are called monoi. 

tahiti shop

Dont forget Tahitian vanilla and video films of the Islands. The DUTY FREE shops are Bijouterie Mourareau in Fare Tony on Blvd. Pomare, and the DUTY FREE SHOP OF TAHITI in the Vaima Center.
Other shops may sell on a Duty Free basis.